Friday, December 28, 2012

Seven New Year's Resolutions That Can Change Your Life

Here are seven Zen-inspired New Year's resolutions that can potentially change your life for the better: 
  1. Turn off the TV. Don't be one of those lonely, confused, manipulated people who waste their free time watching TV instead of living. Although your life may not presently be as exciting as the flashing images and stories on TV, it is real, it is yours, and you have the power--through sustained effort--to make it far more interesting than the crap on TV. This year, unplug from the matrix and figure out how to take advantage of this life. Perhaps, with the time freed up from the TV, you can try one of these other resolutions...
  2. Meditate every day. As little as 5 minutes of daily meditation has been shown to change the structure of the brain, enhance performance, and improve mood.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Giving Spirit

This is the season to think about giving--all kinds of giving. If you think giving is just something you do with stuff, I have news for you. Giving also comes in many intangible forms:
  • Forgiveness. It's no coincidence that the word "give" is hidden in there. Think of the effort it takes to forgive someone who has upset you. Making that effort is how you give. Avoiding or resolving an escalation of anger is the gift that both of you will receive.
  • Honesty. Simply not lying is a gift. Making the effort it takes to speak the truth can be hard, but that is the effort that you give. Respect and trust are the gifts that result from this effort.