Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zen Mind, MCAT Mind

In three months, I'm going to take the MCAT, the medical college admissions test. To prepare for it, I got a bunch of prep books, compiled my notes from the last two years of classes, set aside time from work to study, and--oh yeah--moved into a Zen monastery.

The SFZC meditation hall
Just a few days ago, I moved into a room at the San Francisco Zen Center to begin their winter 2013 practice period. I'm still adjusting to the 4:50am wake-up, but I'm glad to be here. After all my talk about Zen over the last few years, this is my opportunity to practice what I "preach". It's going to be a major challenge to study for this big test and keep working part time while I follow a monastic schedule, but I've come to appreciate challenges.