Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My plans, triumphantly announced in my last post, completely fell through. I didn't make it 2 weeks at the Zen Center before I had to leave because of personal drama. Ironically, moving into the Zen Center was not the best way to practice Zen MCAT studying. It was too idealistic. The best way turned out to be the simplest way--just shut myself in a room with some books and practice tests.

I've made some mistakes in preparing for this test, including the ill-fated Zen Center plans, but I learned from them, and by learning from my mistakes, I'm able to make entirely new mistakes. I think that's what personal growth is. We never stop making mistakes, but we can aspire to make mistakes on a level we've never seen before. 

The test is 2 weeks from now. I'm feeling prepared and on track, despite the hiccups along the way. In some respects, the MCAT is a test of how you handle curveballs. Like that Zen saying says, everything is practice.


  1. I totally relate to this. I went to Green Gulch for three weeks once with the intention to seriously immerse myself in Dogen. But there simply wasn't much time to read Dogen there: working a part time job and locking myself in my room worked much better!!

  2. Funny how that works. The test is over, so I've come out of the cave and started going to YUZ again. Maybe I'll see you there!