Monday, May 6, 2013


The MCAT didn't scare me.

Visualizing myself logging onto the website to check my score scares me. Especially after a month of waiting, counting down the weeks, the suspense building like a Hitchcock plot stretched over 35 days, until the final hours--tonight and tomorrow morning. The scores come in the afternoon. I can tell you what I'm going to do with the rest of the night: meditate. This is what it's designed for.


  1. Matt, you're going to score well! I'm sure of it.

    Good luck! Not that you'll need it.

    I suppose we have different kinds of worry. I was very worried during the test, but I do not feel anxious at all waiting for my scores. I am sure that will change as the score date approaches.

    Also, how do you know the exact time you get your scores? Doesn't AMCAS say it takes 30 to 35 days (i.e., a range of times, not an exact date)?

    1. I was nervous during the test too, but only when I thought about the fact that one day I'd have to check the score!

      According to SDN posts from previous dates, the score is usually released in the middle of the "tentative score release date" posted here:

      Looks like yours is 5/29. Good luck!