Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Flow of Things

It seems pretty natural to think of things as related through cause and effect, rippling from past to future. We make decisions, then act on them, then experience the effects of those decisions. Then we dwell on those effects.

This mindset is based on a particular, linear view of reality. We take the idea of a timeline very literally, so it is easy to think of each moment as disconnected from everything that does not immediately cause or result from it.

Here's a crude drawing of another way to view reality:

The idea here is that each moment is an expression of an inner, universal nature that does not change. Our experience in any given moment is just whatever happens to fit that particular moment's expression of the universal nature. We might call some of those experiences decisions, or actions, or effects, or judgments, and then we imagine them strung together in a chain of cause and effect.

Either view is just a model, an idea projected on reality, which will keep doing whatever it's doing.

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