Friday, August 30, 2013

Tao #15 : Patience

"Can you wait quietly while the mud settles?
Can you remain still until the moment of action?"

Sometimes patience is required to succeed. In relationships, sometimes it's better to say nothing and let emotions settle down. In business, sometimes it's better to let coworkers and competitors follow their natural course until the opportunity is ripe for your intervention. In meditation, the mind can only be quieted by waiting patiently for the thoughts to settle down on their own, like muddle settling from water. Trying to force mud to settle only mixes it up again.

Like all things, though, you must use your judgment. There are situations where action is necessary. You cannot wait passively for someone else to create opportunities for you. Sometimes responsibility falls on you, and it would be failure to not act.

Mastery of patience means acting when it is necessary to act and waiting when it is necessary to wait, transitioning deftly from one state to the other as situations unfold.

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